3DS / 2DS / DSi / DS Repairs

General Repairs

I offer the following repairs for the 3DS/DS line of handhelds:

Full housing replacements, touch screen replacement, complete device cleaning, device not turning on, not reading games, etc.

Please contact for quote for specific repairs.
DS Family

Game Slot Repair

Replacement of damaged game card slot (eg. games not reading or ejecting properly)

Repair: $40-$60 (3DS/3DS XL)
Repair: $35 (DS Lite)
3DS Game Slots

Charger Port Repair

Replacement of damaged charger port (eg. charger cord won't stay in or device no longer charging)

Repair: $35 (3DS/3DS XL)
3DS Game Slots

Prices subject to change at any time without notice.